to new adventures. Surprising flavor-combinations, special presentations and a welcoming relax-moment in an interior that’s both eye-candy and cosmopolitan. Cocktailbar Eleanor introduces cocktails in Zeeland and offers a cocktail-menu filled with classics with a twist. Besides that, the cocktail-bar presents the Eleanor Gin, a famous signature cocktail, and the legendary Eleanor Drop; served ice-cold with vodka, watermelon, strawberry, lemon and ginger. You can also book Cocktailbar Eleanor for meetings, parties and events, if desired also in combination with a diner at Restaurant Eleanor.

Nice to meet you

Boaz – barmanager
This cocktail bartender earned his stripes behind the bar of well-known restaurant/bar establishments in Amsterdam and abroad. His love for spirits shows clearly in the cocktail-menu. At several cocktail-competitions he does continuously does really well and now he’s up for a new challenge at Eleanor. Boaz has played a major part in building up the cocktail-scene in Zeeland and to make it flourish.

Boaz’ favorite cocktail is the Eleanor’s Aviation, which is made with Eleanor Gin, Maraschino liquor, crème de voilette, lemon juice and Egg White. ‘A signature cocktail with our very own gin, which basically everybody loves.’

Signature Cocktails

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