At Restaurant Eleanor taste is of the utmost importance

Under the leadership of chef Xavier Aelterman classic dishes from all of the world are being served with a local touch. In the kitchen with the Josper grill, passionate people are working on fresh local and seasonal-products and in the bar local-suppliers are involved as well. Restaurant Eleanor shows and more importantly allows you to taste all the beautiful and tasty elements that Zeeland has got to offer in the meat, fish and vegetarian spectrum. At the wine-menu, you can find surprising and accessible wines, selected with care in terms of flavor. For the little ones, we’ve got a special kids-menu. The interior has metropolitan vibes with a warm touch. It’s a classic restaurant, but contemporary which makes it a perfect fit for anyone.


Restaurant Eleanor is the place to be for a delicious lunch, drink and diner. A charismatic venue for a business meeting, a fun get-together or to celebrate special moments. Check out our menu and allow yourself to be surprised by our appetizers.


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