Welcome to Eleanor.

We are open for bookings again! Due to the battle against COVID-19, we stil have to maintain a number of restrictions for bookings. Due to these measures and the limited number of guests, we will work with time slots. This way we can keep things manageable and safe for you and for our staff. We look forward to welcoming you again from 1 June onwards. Naturally, we will make sure that you can enjoy our terrace or our brasserie again in a safe way! We offer a varying three-course menu with a variation of meat, fish and vegetarian starters and main courses.

Time slots:

1) Dinner from 5 pm to 8 pm
2) Dinner from 8:15 pm to closing time

We hope to see you soon at Eleanor!

Eleanor Middelburg

Boutique Hotel Eleanor welcomes its guests at a monumental building from 1752 in the old city-center of Middelburg. In this new design hotel on the local Zeeland soil, authentic elements are combined with a unique and elegant interior. Together with brasserie Eleanor and the Cocktail bar Eleanor a special place has been created where hotel-guests, visitors and locals can come together and feel at home. Eleanor offers a location in Middelburg which is a feast of all senses, sensational events and a unique hospitality experience, focused on creating memories, which will last forever.


Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Eleanor consists of 14 different luxurious suites, named after an iconic first lady. Authentic elements, quirky details and contemporary products have been put together in an eclectic design. The interior includes gorgeous fabrics, lush wallpaper with floral prints and a rich color-palet. The rooms have comfortable boxspring-beds by Auping with fresh white sheets. The open bathrooms have spacious rain-showers with shower-products with a lovely fragrance. The XL suites have an extra-large bathroom including a spacious bathtub. In addition to all this, we have special rooms available for families or groups.



At Restaurant Eleanor, taste is of the utmost importance. Under the leadership of chef Nick van Eijk classic dishes from all of the world are being served with a local touch. In the kitchen with the Josper grill, passionate people are working on fresh local and seasonal-products and in the bar local-suppliers are involved as well. Restaurant Eleanor shows and more importantly allows you to taste all the beautiful and tasty elements that Zeeland has got to offer in the meat, fish and vegetarian spectrum. The interior has metropolitan vibes with a warm touch. It’s a classic restaurant, but contemporary which makes it a perfect fit for anyone.



Cocktailbar Eleanor takes you on a journey to new adventures. Surprising flavor-combinations, special presentations and a welcoming relax-moment in an interior that’s both eye-candy and cosmopolitan. Cocktailbar Eleanor introduces cocktails in Zeeland and offers a cocktail-menu filled with classics with a twist. Besides that, the cocktail-bar presents the Eleanor Gin, a famous signature cocktail, and the legendary Eleanor Drop; served ice-cold with vodka, watermelon, strawberry, lemon and ginger. You can also book Cocktailbar Eleanor for meetings, parties and events, if desired also in combination with a diner at Restaurant Eleanor.